Beef in the desert

Marfa is smack dab in the middle of a high mountain desert, which means it’s arid, and grass and other edible vegetation is scarce. Many producers feel this climate lends itself to producing free-range, pasture raised cattle with supplemental grain-based feed, rather than just 100% grass fed and finished beef.

But haven’t we been told that 100% grass fed and finished beef is the healthiest? This is certainly true when it comes to regions that are lush with growth and vegetation due to consistent rainfall and predictable temperatures, but since those growing conditions are not prevalent in Marfa and the surrounding areas, we work with the best high mountain desert producers who factor in our region’s harsh climate and modify their growing practices to provide the animals they raise with the healthiest and highest quality of life so that we, in turn, can transform it into the healthiest and highest quality meat available to our region.

If 100% grass fed and finished beef is a must for you, Marfa Meats will still have you covered, but we’ll also be offering the finest grain-finished beef around. Our grain-finished beef producers, the Aufdengartens mix a ration of corn, cotton seed (shown here) and hay to feed their grain-finished beef. They source their cotton seed and corn from suppliers within a few hours of Marfa and mix the rations on-site, so they know exactly what's going into their beef cattle, and you'll know exactly what you are eating.

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