Where are you located?

Our processing location is just a few miles west of Marfa on Hwy 90. We’ll operate retail pick-up out of this location until we open up retail space in Marfa later in 2021.


When will you open?


Early 2021


What services will you offer?

Federally-inspected & custom processing of local livestock (e.g. cattle, swine, sheep, goat)

Retail butcher shop

Subscription boxed beef service

What’s the difference between custom processing & federally-inspected processing?

A USDA inspector is on-site for all federally-inspected processing. This allows the owner of the animal to sell the end-product. Custom processed meat cannot be sold to a third-party.


Where will the animals come from?

We are collaborating with local ranches to bring you local beef, pork, and lamb raised here in Far West Texas.

Will grass-fed beef be available for purchase?

Both grass-fed and grass-fed/grain-finished beef will be available along with pork and lamb.

Will you offer value-added products like jerky and bacon?

We’ll start by offering raw products, but will extend our certification to offer products requiring further processing such as jerky and bacon later in 2021.

Will you be hiring?

Yes! We’ll be looking for both individuals with extensive meat processing experience and for those willing to learn. Please get in touch if you are interested: info@marfameats.com